It’s Time to Unite For Survival

Just move in and around the city and you’ll see people worriedly asking one another about the aftermath of the Israeli attack on the freedom flotilla. “Where we stand in today’s chaotic scenario, there’s no guidance, no direction, how to deal with such a horrible situation? Who will come up to rescue us?”

There’s only one answer to such questions. And that’s the unity the need for which has never been as dire as it is today in the wake of challenges to Muslim world, in general, and Pakistan, in particular. Why one should ignore the designs of the forces hostile to Pakistan’s peaceful existence as nuclear state with dignity and honour? There’s an outside attempt to destabilise the country economically. The people of Pakistan and their leaders have not been able to address successfully the problem of national cohesion over the years although they know that the real strength of any nation lies in its unity. The question, therefore, is why they did not realise earlier the necessity of translating the motto —more so when they claim to be Muslims.

The widening gulf between the belief and action has caused the country a colossal loss of time, energy and wealth. In a nutshell, the nation, as a whole, seems driven to socio-economic and political anarchy, financial indiscipline and religious disharmony. And that’s an invitation to disaster.

A soldier and a patriotic leader devoted to the economy and defence of the homeland will listen to reason, one understands.

Soul-searching, self-analysis and criticism based on patriotism will not do any harm to democracy, the government and the passive parliament. That will rather ensure people’s dignified survival and their march as independent and sovereign nation towards peace, progress and prosperity. Let’s not be shy of confession that we ourselves and our political and religious leaders are responsible for the bane of disunity, feud, hatred and, more often than not, slavery to foreign masters. Selfish motives of most of our politicians, their mutual rivalries, acts of corruption, greed for money and lust for power have resulted in multiple miseries, such as unemployment, poverty, insecurity and uncertainty, in the backdrop of economic disparity, social dissatisfaction and political unrest.

Needless to say that most of time hypocrisy, sidelining Islamic teachings and morale of the life-long struggle of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, have been the hallmark of our politics. The man—- who earned the ‘Father of the Nation’ title for his uncompromising commitment to the cause of the enslaved and exploited masses — told a tribal Jirga at Peshawar that he wanted every Muslim to do his utmost and help him and support him in the creation of complete solidarity among the Muslims, because “we believe in one God, one Book and one Prophet; so we must stand united as one nation.”

He told the people of Balochistan he considered Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) a great law-giver, and believed in the tenets of Islam, and this belief leads to unity of Muslims all over the world. But the tragedy is that the Pakistani Muslims have remained virtually disunited bathing in the dirty pool of politics decorated with slogans of sorts, feeding the masses on false promises. Our politicians, shorn of foresightedness and wisdom, adopted unending ways of servitude to foreign loan-giving agencies, which, in the long run, have brought the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the verge of disaster.

The majority of the people told this scribe they need today to learn from their mistakes, act upon the advice of the architect of Pakistan in the light of the Quran, and practice the motto of ‘unity, discipline and faith’.

No one can deny the fact that the entire population of the country, politically and religiously, is split into groups and sub-groups of numerous parties clamouring for access to power. Socio-economically, the human-beings have been divided into four classes: the upper, the middle, the lower middle, and the poor besides the ones below the poverty line. The mass of people grope in the dark for the fruit of arduous struggle and unmatched sacrifices of millions for achievement of Pakistan blessed with enormous potentialities. Isn’t it a fact that Providence has endowed us with all the wealth of the nature, and it lies with us to make the best of it? Who is responsible for turning Pakistan into a beggar at the door-step of the International Monetary Fund?

Only one thing can save the country and the people and energise them to regain the lost ground. And that is that we must first recapture our own souls and stand by our lofty position and principles which form the basis of our great unity and which bind us in one body-politic.

The spirit of unity was demonstrated by masses in September 1965: the grand civil-military co-operation and united might of the nation against the aggression of India had its impact for a few years. But, unfortunately, that fervour cooled in a couple of years and some self-seekers became active at the behest of foreign powers. The result was political chaos and lack of proper guidance in a scenario where the political and religious leaders almost forgot the Quran, relegating it to obscurity.

Has the scene changed now? No, it seems alarming and calls for people’s re-awakening. The masses, in such an hour of trial and tribulation, are looking up to Almighty God. Sura Al-Falaq points to the necessity of seeking God’s protection against external factors, which might affect an individual or the nation of believers, and the need for security from internal factors has been referred to therein. Here comes the right way the men and women again need to unite spiritedly with their brethren fighting for the security, stability, integrity and defence of the homeland


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